How Vehicle Tracking Can Save You Money When Managing a Fleet

As a fleet manager, part of your job is making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible from day to day. You’re there to see that cars stay on the road, drivers and product stay safe, and that all federal requirements stay met on each job. On top of that, you have to make sure you’re saving the company money rather than just breaking even. If you manage a fleet and want to find a better way to balance all these responsibilities, the answer is clear. Using a GPS-enabled vehicle tracking system won’t just help your drivers perform better on the road. It will help you cut costs, pay better attention to detail, and complete jobs with more efficiency than ever before. It’s no wonder that commercial fleets are opting for GPS tracking software to help them with operations on a day to day basis. If you’re trying to simplify your job and increase your company’s savings, here are a few ways you can save big by using vehicle tracking software.

Stop Overpaying for Gas

Along with the cost of labor and vehicle maintenance, gas is one of the most expensive elements of your budget. Even if you’ve found a way to purchase fleet fuel cards without hidden fees, it’s possible that you’re still overpaying for gas if you’re not focused on modifying driver behavior on the road. With tracking software, you can keep aware of every vehicle’s MPG and gas consumption per drive. Using this information, you can make smarter choices about the kinds of cars you use for specific trips. GPS software will also help each driver find the best route to their destination, cutting down on time spent idling in traffic or moving at a slower speed. Using the reports your tracking software assembles after each trip, you can start to think in the long term about the way your fleet is performing on the road, and the ways that you could be doing better. Most companies who use tracking software see close to a $4,000 savings margin per vehicle, per year. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Don’t Let Driver Behavior Cost You Money

If you’re using a tracking system that just shows your drivers how to get from point A to point B, you’re missing out on the greatest benefit of GPS systems for fleets. Tracking each vehicle isn’t just about creating shorter trip times and increasing efficiency on the road, it’s about staying in contact with your drivers no matter what. With iPhone-enabled technology, you’ll be able to install cameras and monitoring systems to make sure your drivers are keeping safe and staying compliant with FMCSA requirements. Even if you’re just using your tracking reports to do preventative work, you’ll be saving your company tons of money in fines, violations, and rising insurance costs. The better each driver remains at completing a job safely and efficiently, the more your business saves in overtime costs, repairs, and fuel spending.

Cut Uncertainty Out of the Equation

As a fleet manager, keeping customers happy is a huge part of your job. When your customers aren’t kept in the loop about delivery delays or problems, they’re likely to stop hiring you for jobs. However, keeping customers in the loop isn’t that difficult thanks to GPS technology. Using your tracking software, you can help clients see exactly what’s going on with their shipment no matter what. When the control is in their hands and the guesswork is taken out of the equation, everyone feels happier. Even if a problem does arise, your clients have the option of connecting with your or their driver to get real-time updates. This option allows you to put out any fires before they start, maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with your most important clients around the country. GPS software also helps you keep in touch with your drivers through two-way messaging, ensuring that no one has to be in the dark about a job’s progress.

Stay Compliant the Easy Way

When it comes to keeping your fleet’s vehicles and shipments safe, it’s extremely important to pay attention to government compliance laws such as those illustrated by FMCSA. Not only can a lack of attention to compliance create unsafe conditions for your drivers, it can get you in a lot of expensive trouble with the government. That’s why staying compliant should be second-nature to all fleet managers through the use of software that makes everything, from vehicle inspection to DVIR and IFTA Reports, totally automatic and simple.