Thoughts On Designing A Sign For Your New Company’s Building

If you just purchased a new building for your company, you might be wondering how you could design a sign that would be beneficial for your business. There are several different types that you can choose from. There are those that will go on the exterior of the building, telling people about your business. There are also interior signs that can be useful at directing people to different locations. If your main concern is to create a sign that will attract more people, there are many considerations that must be made. The size of the sign, the material that it is made of, and how it will be structured, are all things that must be analyzed. Here are a few thoughts on designing a sign for your new company’s building so that you can maximize the number of visitors you are able to receive.

What Type Of Signs Should You Consider Creating?

There are many outdoor signs that you should consider creating. The largest ones are called pylon, pole, and monument signs. Pylon signs are going to be situated amidst many other signs, typically positioned with every other business in a shopping center or in a building complex. Individual businesses often use what are called pole signs. These are typically just as tall as pylon signs, yet they are going to be by themselves. Finally, monument signs are usually positioned in the parking lot, typically near the entrance to a building. Once these are in place, this will bring more people to your place of business, but you have to be careful in the way you design them.

How To Design A Sign For Your Business

Designing a sign for your business is not as difficult as you would think. Most of them are designed in a similar fashion. Most of the outdoor signs are going to be made of some type of PVC plastic, or they might be made of aluminum. Those that are made of this very durable plastic material can be semitransparent. This allows them to light up at night, allowing people to see the sign as they are driving by, attracting people to the business. The structure of the sign is typically rectangular. It can have the name of the business, and the logo, on either side. Smaller signs might be made of some type of acrylic and may only have one side that will have their business information. The name of the company will be prominently displayed. The logo will also be on the sign, usually to the top left. Any other information, including the phone number or website of the company will be positioned at the bottom.

What Should Be The Most Prominent Feature?

There are three prominent features that should be on a business sign. First of all, you need to prominently display the name of the company. The lettering should stand out, allowing people to easily read the company name as they are walking or driving by. The logo is the second most important feature. This should be memorable, allowing people to quickly identify that symbol, or series of letters, with your company. Finally, the URL, or the phone number, of the business should be almost as large, something that they can either remember or write down. The font that you use for the letters is also important. It should be easy to read. Although using lettering that is more like cursive would look fancy, it will be too hard for most people to process, especially if they only have a few seconds to look at your sign.

Lettering And Background Of The Sign

The lettering should contrast with the background of the sign itself. It should easily stand out. For example, the letters could be in black, but the sign would be in yellow. Another example would be white lettering on a bright red background. Primary colors are highly recommended, allowing people to easily see what your sign is all about. Your sign can evolve over time, especially as your business develops more notoriety. For example, some of the more popular businesses only use the name of their company minus a logo. Albeit, these company names are relatively short, allowing them to make the letters as large as possible. If the name of your company is longer, your logo should also be used.

How To Find Someone To Design Your Sign

Finding a business to design your sign is the next step of the process. Although you may have good ideas, it is better to work with a professional at  that can help you. They will have designed a multitude of signs over the years and will have a much better idea of how to structure it. This will allow you to use their feedback on your ideas, allowing both of you to collectively design the perfect sign for your business. They will also know what type of material would be best. This could be anything from PVC to acrylic. If you are going to design additional signs that will be adjacent to your building, these could be made of wood, or they could also be signs that are lit from within. You can find these professionals by searching for them on the Internet. You may also find several checking in the local phone directory. This information will allow you to contact several different businesses to request a quote on how much it will cost to create your sign for you.

As you are coming up with different thoughts for designing your sign, try to be creative but also minimalistic. People passing by will only have a few seconds to see your sign, and it needs to make a solid impact. If the name of your company is relatively short, this can work in your favor. If not, you will want to use a logo. Contrast the lettering with the background of the sign, and if you want to see this at night, it should be the type of sign that will light up from within. Whether you choose to get a pole, pylon, or monument sign, these can be very helpful at directing people to your business. As long as you are working with a professional that can help you, you will end up with a well-designed sign representing your company.