Tips to Ensure A Small Business Loan Doesn’t Wreck Your Credit

Every one of us at some point in time thinks of establishing a business or doing something productive. The thought of setting up a business or planning for a house renovation can only be put to execution when there is an adequate supply of money. In short, money is of paramount importance and is the center around which all your dreams and aspirations revolve. It is not possible for every being to finance so much in one go. To make your dreams come true, Money Lender Singapore is here, a renowned and legally established money lending firm in Singapore, promising you to meet all your demands.


This money lending firm in Singapore is recognized and reputed and dedicated to offering various customer types of loans as may be deemed by the customer. They bear their license by Moneylenders Singapore enrolled under the Ministry of Law. A great advantage of the firm is their low-interest rates both for personal as well as payday loans so that you can match up with your economic stability and meet your requirements at the same time. In a nutshell, no one can tally with the eminence of Money Lender Singapore. By the records of Credit Excel Capital too, money lenders in Singapore stand tall at the top of the list.

Credit Excel Capital

Heard about it before? No? Never mind. Like money lenders in Singapore, Credit Excel Capital too is a loan providing company helping people with personal loans, payday loans, short-term loans, foreign loans, business loans and different other financial solutions within an affordable range. They have been in business since 2010 and comprise of a selected body of professionally trained and experienced financial advisors. This site is a report card for viewers to go through a detailed list of all the money lenders in Singapore and choose the best out of it according to their economic capability. It presents before you the name of the respective firms, their address, contact details and customer reviews so that you can make out in your mind whom to choose and whom to discard.

Reasons for Choosing Credit Excel Capital

You must be wondering that keeping aside so many other money lending firms, why choose Credit Excel Capital? Well, there must be some magical spell in it with which it attracts a huge crowd. Here are its plus points:

  • Their mission is to stick to the strict code of conduct and follow the ethics and disciplines while dealing with customers and also in carrying out the business honestly.
  • They aim at being a company with some value that pledges to provide appropriate support so that the customers easily can place their trust in the company. 100% trust invested by the customers make them strive for their betterment and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Being the leading licensed money lending firm in Singapore, they keep their work in parallel lines with professionalism. Customer service too is maintained fairly, and every detail of the customer is dealt with secretively.
  • The company understands that working in Singapore is not a child’s play. Therefore, it has been a guardian angel to all foreigners. They cordially welcome foreigners by extending their helping hands so that people outside Singapore can facilitate themselves in meeting the needs and get over hard times.
  • Their fundamental goal is serving customers in the best possible way, the workings of the company are simple and hassle-free. The major component of the money lending company that adds a feather to their hat is that as a customer, you do not need to wait for months for getting a loan. Loans are approved quickly. The team is just a call away. Staffs are ever ready to attend you. Since the firm is legal, they even carry out office work on Sundays.
  • The firm promises that whatever information the customers provide will be dealt with strictly confidential. No disclosure of information will be undertaken without the consent of the customer. Bestow your cent percent trust, and they will work hard and provide the best loans catering to your needs.
  • As time passed by, the money lending team has done wonders in their field. Every feedback from the customer is valued. The company is trying to develop more and more as demanded by the customers. A healthy and pleasant environment is carried out throughout. And above all, the team members are dedicated enough to provide satisfaction to the end users, quality service and deal with elitists in a manner so that they feel like home.

Tips for Getting a Small Business Loan

If you own a small scale business or thinking of establishing one, personally guaranteed the business loan is the best option for you because personalized credit impacts sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. But be careful not to make any fault while working on the loan as the devastating sufferer will be no one but you. Secondly, if you use your credit card for financing in business, there may be some negative impacts. For example, when your business will face a tough time, personal credit cards may fail to make such huge payments. Because of such unavoidable circumstances, it is wise to draw a demarcation line between personal and professional life. Given below are few steps to keep business debt off personal credits:

  • It is better to incorporate one’s business by including a Corp. or LLC or S. Corp. If this point is violated, and one works as the sole proprietor, his or her business and personal credit will be one and all.
  • Own a business credit card. Make sure you do not mingle it for consumer credit. Acquiring a business credit card comes with some responsibilities. One such duty is to pay your bills on time. Otherwise, your business credit card will show default and finally will be reported.
  • Before applying for the business credit card, it is wise to ask the lender whether it will go through your credit reports before approving a business loan. Also, keep in mind to enquire regarding its policy for approving loans.
  • Before launching your business venture, make sure to talk with your financial advisor about loans and retirement plans.

Which Loan Is Ideal for You?

It is well accustomed to all that there are hundreds of loans available for small-scale businesses, so, getting into the right one might be a bit difficult if not impossible. This tedious process can be divided into three simple steps: decide your need, know the appropriate place from where you can enjoy the facility of the loan, and gain the final product. Figuring out your demand for a detailed analysis is important. Once you are done with the first step, the second stage will definitely be less tedious.

First of all, you need to chalk out a business plan. The plan should elaborate management skills on the part of the owner, a smooth flow of cash system for the rest two years, a good illustration about what kind of business it is, a short list of potential loan givers, and if the business is still running, last 2-3 years of financial reports or tax statements. Once you have these details in front of you and you know how much money you need and for how long, there are three sectors to be highlighted for financing – conventional, small business administration and alternative loans. Finally, by now, you know where your credits stand.