Top 3 Transportation CRM Systems that will Help You Succeed

CRM software systems have firmly strengthened their position in the sphere of business. The core of every business that goes ahead is a productive CRM solution. Transportation industry is not an exception. Transportation CRM systems have entered into this sphere and transformed businesses connected with logistics and transportation.

The transportation industry is a huge one and it requires much attention and responsibility, as here businessmen deal with various goods, tight timelines, changing circumstances, revenues, industry-specific business processes and trends and so on. Dealing with so many responsible tasks is not an easy process and the automation will be helpful to get everything organized and done in time and professionally. Successful logistics providers walk hand in hand with technology and develop accordingly by trusting their tasks, issues, interactions and services to CRM systems. Transportation CRM systems enable them to manage and track items, shipping information, agreements, billing options, forecast and much more.

The Top Transportation CRM Systems

№1: Bpm’online

Bpm’online is an exclusive and super productive Transportation CRM well-known for its amazing features that are a must for logistics and transportation companies if they want to manage their workflow professionally. Click the link to learn more

With Bpm’online you will have opportunity to automate your business processes and operations, improve customer interactions, reduce manual work, provide excellent customer support, analyze data, and track your transports online via various channels, manage strategies and feedbacks, and have a complete view of your customers. These great features are only a part of all that this unique system offers. Bpm’online CRM solution gives an opportunity to get the best out of such powerful tools as reporting, request processing, transit, rout and logistics management, analytics, value calculations and estimations, as well as order management, service automation, sales management and much more to become the number one!

2: UltraShipTMS

Another productive CRM platform to consider for your transportation business is definitely UltraShipTMS.

This web-based CRM system has been in the market since 2001 and managed to turn to a favorite management system of thousands of users worldwide. It enables its customers to use such efficient tools and features as routing, tracking, route optimizer, mapping, scheduling, delivery confirmation, status information and update, various metrics, contact and fleet management, order management, transportation planning and so on and so forth.

This powerful solution controls and manages every business process starting from decision making and moving forward to sales and service automation. One of its advantages is its driver mobile app. Customer support is also very promising and professionally provided.

№3: Transplace

Transplace is a transportation and logistics CRM system that has its unique position in the market and provides logistics service to various businesses connected with this industry and is in cooperation with numerous world-famous companies. This transportation industry vendor provides service that is suitable for manufacturing, automotive, retail, chemical industries and this is only a short list.

Transplace CRM enables you to use such services as logistics management, planning, truck brokerage, route tracking, delivery, optimized ROI service, shipping insurance strategies, performance management, account organization and planning, scheduling, order management, dock coordination and management, supply chain consulting and so on and so forth. The solution is famous for its easy-to-use interface and really good customer support.

Each of the above mentioned CRM systems is worth implementing in your unique transportation business, as each of them has proven its eficiency. If you want to concentrate only on your transportation service the last two options are rather good solutions, however if you want to reach perfection by aligning the best transformation service and improve marketing, sales and interactions, Bpm’online will be a perfect choice for your business!