The Impact of Server Monitoring on Website Performance

Server monitoring helps a company to track how its website is performing. It ensures that other installed applications such as shopping chart work correctly. Non-functioning shopping charts create uneasy feelings among potential clients who want to transact with you. That decreases the credibility of your business in the market. The best way to avoid such situations is to invest in server monitoring software.

All website applications are hosted on the web server. Therefore, web server failure or breakdown will impact the efficiency of your web applications. Besides monitoring the website uptime, Apica server monitoring services help track the efficiency of installed devices. Server monitoring enables a company to keep track of all resources that impact the overall performance of the website.

Assess the Performance of Your Web Applications

Nowadays, powerpoint presentations and animations have become essential components of websites. Although animations help increase your website traffic, they consume a lot of resources. That may slow loading or lead to website downtime. While a site may work efficiently in ideal conditions, exceptional cases such as DOS attack and overload may impact the performance of your web applications. Thus, it’s essential to assess the performance of your web applications in normal conditions and under exceptional situations.

Monitor Your Website Uptime and Performance

A good website impacts the performance of your business. It is crucial for a company to retain its existing visitors even as it looks for new ones. Visitors feel frustrated by a website that suffers downtime frequently. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of the performance and uptime of your web applications. Server monitoring helps a company to identify potential cyber threats in time. That allows technicians to address sudden changes before it gets catastrophic.

Improved Server and Website Performance

Identifying potential bottlenecks helps avert possible downtime of your server. Monitoring HTTP compression and server-side caching help enhance the performance of your server. Some of the factors that affect the performance of the server include network timeouts, memory cache, and download time. Server monitoring helps you to keep track of any improvement in the website performance.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Improved customer loyalty results in increased traffic and ensures customer retention. Web server monitoring services help you to improve the performance of your website and minimize downtime. That helps a site to earn an excellent reputation in the market and build high trust levels among website visitors.

In short, server monitoring services help a company to monitor the performance of the server and receive notifications when needed. Identifying and resolving potential problems that may impact the performance of the server may help you improve website performance. A performing website gains customer trust and ensures customer retention. A website without a monitoring solution is like a car without a fuel gauge. Monitoring anomalies in your site help identify potential bottlenecks and fix them before get catastrophic. It’s also essential to run your server and operating system on the latest versions to avoid possible breakdowns. Consider the potential for increased traffic by upgrading your server’s hardware to fit future growth.


Significance of Technology in Employee Engagement

Businesses have invested in the latest technology ranging from fax and email in the 20th century to enterprise networks in the 21st century. Companies apply the latest technology hoping to improve productivity and efficiency. An investment in technology justifies the cost when it becomes successful. For many companies, employee engagement remains an integral part of productivity, absenteeism, and retention. Below are some useful ways to help increase employee engagement.


Today’s companies are on the lookout for solutions that could help their employees implement new processes in unique and exciting ways. Complicated employee engagement software will have limited results if it doesn’t demonstrate benefits to users. Over time, gamification has become increasingly popular especially for companies with a large mobile workforce. Companies have introduced gameplay into their recognition programs in hopes to improve employee engagement. For employees to earn points for their excellence, they must compete with each other. Recently, employee reviews have replaced gamification. Nearly 90% of employees in companies with a large mobile workforce participate in employee review programs.

Build a Positive Culture

The culture of a company tends to have a profound impact on employee engagement. Promoting a positive culture builds employee trust and loyalty. It also makes them passionate about their job. As a result, employee engagement increases significantly, inspiring productivity and enthusiasm. According to research, positive culture results in increased innovation and retention. Companies with highly engaged workforce tend to outperform their counterparts by far.

Design Collaboration Platforms

There is nothing more important for a company than to enhance workplace experience. A collaboration platform for an organization with a large mobile workforce encourages vertical and horizontal employee engagement. The latest technology has enabled companies to design intuitive mobile platforms that require few clicks as possible. The appearance and simplicity of a collaboration platform can make a difference when it comes to employee engagement.

Conduct Surveys

Surveys help companies to measure progress when it comes to the adoption of technology. Besides, surveys give employees an opportunity to voice their concerns. With surveys, employers can start conversations with employees to discuss how they can escalate work-related problems and boost productivity and morale. Employers use surveys as an approach to monitor employee satisfaction and give them a platform to express their opinions.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Employers hire people to tap into their knowledge and skill set. Professionals need access to information to succeed in their careers. Enterprise networks allow employees to share information and voice their concerns. One of the best ways to integrate employees into the company’s mission is to encourage them to share experiences and knowledge. Engaging them through their skills and expertise promotes collaboration with each other.

Keep Up with Technological Advancements

Social networking platforms have transformed the world, and the workplace. The latest technology allows employees to access and share information. It also allows employees to curate the content they want to reach to their employees.

In conclusion, the latest technology has allowed companies with a large mobile workforce to boost employee engagement. The roles of technology in employee engagement are limitless. Technology encourages information sharing, inspires employees, and promotes innovation and creative collaboration.


How Vehicle Tracking Can Save You Money When Managing a Fleet

As a fleet manager, part of your job is making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible from day to day. You’re there to see that cars stay on the road, drivers and product stay safe, and that all federal requirements stay met on each job. On top of that, you have to make sure you’re saving the company money rather than just breaking even. If you manage a fleet and want to find a better way to balance all these responsibilities, the answer is clear. Using a GPS-enabled vehicle tracking system won’t just help your drivers perform better on the road. It will help you cut costs, pay better attention to detail, and complete jobs with more efficiency than ever before. It’s no wonder that commercial fleets are opting for GPS tracking software to help them with operations on a day to day basis. If you’re trying to simplify your job and increase your company’s savings, here are a few ways you can save big by using vehicle tracking software.

Stop Overpaying for Gas

Along with the cost of labor and vehicle maintenance, gas is one of the most expensive elements of your budget. Even if you’ve found a way to purchase fleet fuel cards without hidden fees, it’s possible that you’re still overpaying for gas if you’re not focused on modifying driver behavior on the road. With tracking software, you can keep aware of every vehicle’s MPG and gas consumption per drive. Using this information, you can make smarter choices about the kinds of cars you use for specific trips. GPS software will also help each driver find the best route to their destination, cutting down on time spent idling in traffic or moving at a slower speed. Using the reports your tracking software assembles after each trip, you can start to think in the long term about the way your fleet is performing on the road, and the ways that you could be doing better. Most companies who use tracking software see close to a $4,000 savings margin per vehicle, per year. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Don’t Let Driver Behavior Cost You Money

If you’re using a tracking system that just shows your drivers how to get from point A to point B, you’re missing out on the greatest benefit of GPS systems for fleets. Tracking each vehicle isn’t just about creating shorter trip times and increasing efficiency on the road, it’s about staying in contact with your drivers no matter what. With iPhone-enabled technology, you’ll be able to install cameras and monitoring systems to make sure your drivers are keeping safe and staying compliant with FMCSA requirements. Even if you’re just using your tracking reports to do preventative work, you’ll be saving your company tons of money in fines, violations, and rising insurance costs. The better each driver remains at completing a job safely and efficiently, the more your business saves in overtime costs, repairs, and fuel spending.

Cut Uncertainty Out of the Equation

As a fleet manager, keeping customers happy is a huge part of your job. When your customers aren’t kept in the loop about delivery delays or problems, they’re likely to stop hiring you for jobs. However, keeping customers in the loop isn’t that difficult thanks to GPS technology. Using your tracking software, you can help clients see exactly what’s going on with their shipment no matter what. When the control is in their hands and the guesswork is taken out of the equation, everyone feels happier. Even if a problem does arise, your clients have the option of connecting with your or their driver to get real-time updates. This option allows you to put out any fires before they start, maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with your most important clients around the country. GPS software also helps you keep in touch with your drivers through two-way messaging, ensuring that no one has to be in the dark about a job’s progress.

Stay Compliant the Easy Way

When it comes to keeping your fleet’s vehicles and shipments safe, it’s extremely important to pay attention to government compliance laws such as those illustrated by FMCSA. Not only can a lack of attention to compliance create unsafe conditions for your drivers, it can get you in a lot of expensive trouble with the government. That’s why staying compliant should be second-nature to all fleet managers through the use of software that makes everything, from vehicle inspection to DVIR and IFTA Reports, totally automatic and simple.


  The Application of Combination of Big Data and Machine Learning in Business Decision Making  

Businesses have been deriving great benefits from big data and machine learning, especially in the recent times. The two have completely transformed the way business is operated by enabling the making of better decisions backed by information. They have also opened a world of opportunities for businesses. Big data refers to the huge volumes of structured and unstructured data that can be evaluated to reveal patterns, developments and relationships especially to do with the conduct of human beings and interactions. Machine learning is a kind of artificial intelligence that enables systems to independently gain an understanding of things and from experience make the things better without being directly programmed.

To enjoy the benefits of big data and machine learning in your company, you need the necessary expertise. However, if you do not have the expertise you can have a peek at these guys – Activewizards who are experts in the fields and will help you to derive the most benefits of big data combined with machine learning. Machine learning is useful because it makes use of big data to offer great business solutions.

The following are some ways in which merging big data and machine learning enable businesses to enhance their intelligence:

  1. Facilitating Customer Segmentation

There are very distinct clusters of customers each with its own characteristics that are very similar. The identification of such customer segments is a very crucial step towards serving the customers adequately and for business success. The great thing is that machine learning clustering algorithms can easily do this kind of segmentation without supervision or any special human instruction to operate. The only thing needed is a set of data for the unsupervised system to discern similarities and discrepancies and make different segments depending on several characteristics.

  1. Easing targeting and making it successful

After identifying the various segments in your target market, the next step is to come up with the best ways possible to serve the customers who have different needs. Detailed targeting mostly results in good profits. In addition, it is wise to think of your customer base as one made up of different persons with different needs as opposed to a collection of diverse groups. This will make it possible to customize products according to each individual’s needs and preferences. All these are possible when machine learning combines with big data to pick different persons with different needs among the customers. Targeting also aid in carrying out advertising in that specific adverts are focused on a particular group of persons or specific individuals thus achieving better results.

  1. Facilitating predictive analysis

Big data allows great understanding of consumer behavior after which machine learning comes in to identify common features or put together related characteristics hence give predictions about different business issues. Simply put, machine learning can study behavior patterns from data and make projections on the likelihood of individuals or groups of person to do something, for instance to buy something.

  1. Offering base for risk analysis and regulation

Big data assist machine learning to look deeply and regulate risks. The machine learning system is different from other fraud detection methods whose main component are procedures and policies that have been created manually. The machine learning system is more useful because its performance gets better with the addition of data. Financial anomalies can be greatly reduced by machine learning. It is keen on credit scoring and its aim to get the creditworthiness that is employed to estimate the risk. Adherence to anti-money laundering policies, finding out fraudulent trading and other business underhand deals are other things that machine learning can help deal with.


Computer Data Recovery

As we know a computer is an electronic device that is used to perform arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Normally, a system understands the low level programming language or binary language but for human easy understanding, high level languages are available. These high level languages are bit easy to understand by humans and easily converted by systems from human readable to machine readable. It just follows different instructions given by user called programs which enables them to perform and results back of any extreme operation in quick seconds or milliseconds. Today, most advanced computers are available in the market with high specific configurations who can perform any task more efficiently of any field and different types of operating systems are available in it which can be easily handled by end users through different sophisticated software of different fields.

With all the most advanced features, there are also little drawbacks including hard disk crash (storage device) due to technical failure which could lead to lose of all the important data saved from years of your business. If you have knowledge of how to recover the data but don’t have good experience then, hiring the expert like website is the only way to secure yourself from precious data or you may lose it for permanent in case of operation failure.

What are the benefits to hire an expert

There are certain benefits to hire an expert are as follows:

  1. You will feel secure and tension free when working with the expert.
  2. You will get proper 100% recovery which is the most important thing.
  3. You don’t need to worry in any case as we primary works on backup process so that in case of failure of operation it can restore back on primary stage.
  4. An expert is known by years of experiences and it’s ratings. It means they already worked on different challenging recoveries of different storage devices.
  5. You will get full time support and easy to handle software which can be handled by any non technical user. It means you will be able to perform complete recovery in quick simple three to four steps as analysis, diagnostic, recovery, restore back in other storage drive or same drive based on condition.

There are number of companies working around the globe for computer data recovery but, hiring the right expert at the critical time for the correct solution is the only way to recover yourself from big pain. Salvage Data is the most trusted company for all types of recovery services. Just logon to our website for more information of our different enormous services or to contact us.

Knowing How to locate Good Lawyers in your town

How would you pick an attorney? Word associated with mouth? The billboard? The net? My buddy especially wants the attorney ads which she sees quietly of garbage cans; she says it puts the entire attorney part of perspective. Certainly, she isn’t a enthusiast of attorneys. But nowadays, where attorneys can promote, you tend to be inundated along with ads in several different types: the recreation area bench you take a seat on, the stereo you listen to and indeed, the trash are you able to throw decline in!

The very first thing to perform is understand the laws inside your state. Internet sites are ideal for this. A great website can provide you with a great overview concerning the laws inside your region. With the data available on the internet, there isn’t any excuse to be uninformed.

Here are the best resources to locate good lawyers in your town:

Local Recommendations and Suggestions

If you realize other people locally, you may decide to ask all of them for recommendations and suggestions regarding great business lawyers and company lawyers locally. Although you will need to compile these types of recommendations, additionally, you will want to consider them having a grain associated with salt since you cannot make sure whether the actual recommendation is definitely an informed 1. If a person meet attorneys with specialties you don’t, you may decide to ask all of them for suggestions.

Law Organization Websites

Nearly every law firm includes a website. Law organization websites differ considerably within their quality and the quantity of information they offer. Some lawyer websites offer an extremely limited quantity of biographical info. Other web sites provide total biographical info, as nicely as magazines, and occasionally even weblogs and podcasts.


LinkedIn is really a social social networking site with regard to professionals. LinkedIn enables a user to publish a comprehensive profile. Numerous lawyers tend to be on LinkedIn. A few have submitted detailed information, others haven’t. LinkedIn keeps growing, and much more lawyers appear to be taking this seriously. Around this time, LinkedIn is actually hit or even miss on details about lawyers, however it is really worth checking.

Search engines

Once you’ve the name of the particular lawyer you need to research, Google (in addition to Bing as well as Yahoo) could be valuable. Within “Googling” the lawyer’s title, one could find other details about a attorney, sometimes such as links in order to articles the actual lawyer offers written or even links in order to cases the actual lawyer offers handled. The “advanced search” function on Google can be handy in narrowing outcomes.

Paid Providers

There tend to be many membership services that offer access to any or all case law and several legal magazines, as well regarding news as well as information. You’ll be able to use these types of databases to find cases that the lawyer offers handled. Most people, however, do not need these costly resources. Therefore, I point out them because possibilities with regard to deep investigation, but they’re really not essential to discover a good attorney.

In all of your investigation, remember that if a person hire an attorney and indication a contract for his or her services, you have the effect of the fees- basically. The lawyer can sue for that unpaid part. Certainly on the other hand of the actual coin, the attorney has been doing the support, and should receive money. But you should know that whenever you sign up using the lawyer, you’re pretty a lot joined in the hip. It’s less easy to eliminate your lawyer since it is to employ him/her. So don’t get this to decision when you’re in the actual emotional/irrational phase.

How to locate a Very Great Lawyer

The sad the fact is that many people don’t know how to locate a good attorney once they find themselves looking for one. There’s research that implies that 68% of individuals spend just two several hours or much less when gathering home elevators a attorney. Due for this many individuals fall target to attorneys who would like to make a few quick money from them. However for those who have a lawful problem that’s complex or even involves lots of money, it is essential that you look for any good lawyer. Lawyers are essential since these people do a lot more than just distribute legal info. They additionally offer guidance and produce winning methods using advanced technical abilities. The reason for this article would be to enrich you using the skills of how to locate a great lawyer.

Choose the best Attorney according to Your Lawful Issue

Attorneys differ within the sense that we now have general exercise lawyers in addition to those who focus on a certain section of law. Sometimes you might require a lawyer that focuses on a particular field to be able to ensure the actual success of the case. There are lots of areas exactly where lawyers may specialize, these include: family regulation, elder, felony, personal damage, bankruptcy as well as disability amongst others. It is actually upon you to discover in that category your own legal concern falls in order to locate a suitable lawyer.

Seek information Extensively

If you prefer a good attorney then you have to do your investigation. The additional time you make use of researching the larger your likelihood of getting a reliable attorney. You are able to research through, taking to those who have had legalities and requesting referrals. You may also check the actual name “lawyers” underneath the yellow webpages for ads. The additional option would be to search with the internet with regard to local lawyers near your house town. Choose a minimum of 5 lawyer websites that you’ll later go to and review based on the info and services you discover there.

How Accessible May be the Lawyer?

The next thing is to see all from the lawyers a person selected following your research. This is essential to be able to review the actual attorney when it comes to their; punctuality, their own communication abilities, how they could move the actual crowd, how fast they’re in responding to questions, their order in language along with other skills which highlight how they’ll be in front of the judge.

Learn how easily obtainable the lawyer is going to be in the event you need in order to consult all of them. There isn’t any use using a good lawyer that has little time for you to keenly take a look at your situation.

The Attorney’s Fees
Before a person finally select a lawyer you have to know just how much time as well as money you are prepared to spend in your case. You should seek information so regarding know how much cash your lawful issue may be worth. Discuss the problem with your own lawyer in order to be clear how much you are prepared to spend. Nevertheless, be careful because within the hands from the wrong attorney your $2, 000 problem can certainly escalate in order to even $20, 000.

The Qualities of the Good Attorney

In conclusion a few of the qualities of the good attorney include: integrity, availability, encounter, good conversation skills, services in a reasonable charge and professionalism and reliability. If you discover one with many of these credentials then you definitely have certainly found a great attorney.

Some Advantages of Hiring a household Lawyer

Inside a family, a loved ones lawyer is important to cover legalities that might arise on the way. Such an attorney is able to deal with a number of instances such because:

· Surrogacy as well as adoption

· End of contract of associations

· Partnerships and divorce cases

· Teen adjudication

· Household violence

· Municipal unions

· Household partnerships

· Paternity screening and kid abuse and so on.

Having a household lawyer upon retainer reaps numerous benefits for example:

· Using the presence of the professional, educated and qualified family attorney, issues which arise within the family requiring legal aid can be dealt along with, and lead to positive outcomes. Such an attorney is inside a good placement to advise the household, depending about the situation in regards to what the following best strategy should end up being.

· A household when confronted with legal challenges could be emotionally billed, with the actual presence of the experienced loved ones lawyer, such situations are sailed via with very little negativity towards the family as you possibly can. The lawyer has the capacity to provide legal in addition to emotional assistance especially within cases for example divorce, and custody that may be emotionally billed.

· A household lawyer might help draw upward trust account documents which will safeguard a household member’s monetary future, specifically for the kids. The exact same lawyer may also help the household deal along with juvenile delinquency cases in addition to emancipations.

· A household lawyer may also help single couples who would like to cohabit draft legal documents which will safeguard their own future. One this kind of document that may be drawn up is really a domestic relationship document that will deal along with events for example separation as well as death.

Hiring a household lawyer is actually therefore required for solving the actual family’s lawful problems; nevertheless, before employing one, there’s a need to appear into numerous factors. A few of the factors you should look at before hiring a household lawyer consist of:

· Encounter, you should ensure that the attorney’s experience is precisely what you are searching for, depending upon the problem. Request with regard to references through previous customers where feasible, also check out the said attorney’s reputation. With an online system, you can consider reviews which were left through others in regards to the lawyer.

· Request to possess a consultation using the said attorney before employing, ask the questions you require answers to in relation to your case as well as where feasible, interview all of the staff in the firm that’ll be working in your case.

· The actual lawyer should take part in the Nationwide Association associated with lawyers, this can help you gauge their degree of experience, reputation in addition to whether they have disciplinary instances against their own name.

Finding The Franchise Attorney – The actual Criteria to Depend on When Buying Franchise Attorney

When people you should consider undertaking the franchise company, they visit a franchise attorney for expert advice, to enable them to be certain from the efficient organization of the business within conformity using the relevant needs. The range of lawyers adept and skilled in financial matters is really a problem which arises for those entrepreneurs who’re organizing their own franchise company for the very first time. Making the right choice of the franchise lawyer is essential because by getting a specialist within franchise issues people may maximize the worthiness of the legal counsel they acquire, and simultaneously they can minimize the expense incurred to acquire such guidance.

To put together auspicious grounds for that correct option, people ought to plan the actual seeking of the lawyer within franchise matters going back part of the franchising investigation, to have the ability to do the actual major a part of that investigation efficiently to see the important information based on which they are able to decide what type of services promoted by franchising lawyers they ought to look with regard to, and after that make their own choice appropriately.

But to begin with, people who’re to take on franchising should make sure that they choose a lawyer who’s well versed within the matters associated with franchise contracts. Because attorneys are experienced in different segments from the legal region, picking out an attorney that is actually an professional on business agreements may be the first criterion based on which the option should be produced.

Another essential consideration to take into consideration when selecting a franchise lawyer would be to examine the actual rates which lawyers providing services for the reason that area cost. People should search for lawyers that offer set rates or are prepared to offer estimates for that reviewing from the franchise documents they’re to perform. Lawyers that offer in order to charge clients on an hourly basis should end up being avoided, since the final costs is going to be too higher. Lawyers who’re not only experienced in franchise matters but additionally offer sensible rates by requesting a set price with regard to document critiquing, and additionally offer customers estimates associated with what the actual services will definitely cost, are those to select from when searching for the best franchise attorney.

For individuals who need to locate a good attorney versed within franchising matters there’s one better method to use, namely the technique of looking for referrals. They are able to ask franchisees within the specific area concerning the lawyers in whose services these people use as well as what their own opinion as well as satisfaction with one of these services tend to be. Besides providing realistic views about franchising lawyers’ services they’ve obtained, franchisees within the specific area will offer ideas in regards to a franchise attorney who currently knows the character and essence from the specific business agreement that individuals new towards the franchising business are preparing to use.

Through careful preparing, seeking with regard to lawyers experienced in the region of business law, who provide fixed rates for his or her services, and also counting on referrals through franchisees in the region, people can take advantage appropriate option.

Exploring Options To judge Family Attorneys

You possess several options to find a loved ones lawyer depending on your area. But it is usually important to employ a attorney who will help you in knowing all lawful options you’ve. Also, the lawyer will show you within the course whenever the requirement arises. So you need to share your own private and private information with the household law lawyer. Along using the experience as well as past history of the attorney, you should also check their reputation as well as credibility. As you don’t deal along with lawyers regularly, it is essential to assess the professionals depending on certain criterion’s.

Make use of Recommendations: The individual, who has availed the actual legal assistance of the lawyer, can offer the the majority of relevant details about his expert skills as well as reliability. To help you always hire a trusted family lawyer in line with the feedback as well as recommendation received out of your friends, loved ones and colliege. You may even use the actual referral of those people in order to shortlist numerous attorneys along with whom these folks have proved helpful successfully previously.

Ask to have an Introductory Conference: Many loved ones lawyers provide free discussion to make an impression on clients. You are able to always get the free of charge consultation to judge the expert. However, the great lawyers don’t offer any kind of free discussion. The attorneys agreeing free of charge introductory meeting might not have the thriving exercise. So you need to check the actual professional trustworthiness of the attorney if he’s offering free of charge consultation. You may also avail the first consultation for any good attorney by having to pay his costs.

Clear All of your Doubts: The introductory ending up in the loved ones law attorney causes it to be easier that you should evaluate their skills as well as reliability. Prior to meeting the actual lawyer, you must make a comprehensive listing of questions that have to be answered. Together with asking regarding his expert experience, and the amount of family cases he’s already carried out, you should also know the actual court exactly where he methods regularly. It is usually important to employ a lawyer who’s practicing inside your state. The attorney practicing in your area will know about the idol judges. The encounter will additional contribute in the direction of making your own case more powerful. Also, you should observe their demeanor as well as personality to ensure he is actually friendly as well as approachable.

Realize Payment Particulars: While conference the lawyer, you should clearly understand information on the repayment. Some lawyers charge their own clients in a flat price, whereas additional charge on the percentage foundation. There will also be chances how the fees from the family attorney many run up to and including hefty quantity. So you mustn’t hesitate in order to ask the actual lawyer regarding his fees throughout the introductory conference. You may even consider conference several lawyers to obtain the right expert, who fits your financial allowance. By cleaning the repayment details within the initial phases will further assist you in avoiding any kind of confusion within future.

It is definitely smart to look with regard to family attorneys in Adelaide through initiating the web research. As numerous attorneys market their providers through web sites, you can certainly find details about the loved ones law attorneys in your town.